Men Wearing Jewelry Guide 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Men’s Jewelry

men wearing jewelry guide

'Jewelry' is almost always associated with women and their glitzy collections of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. But what about the plethora of men's watches, cufflinks, and bracelets available? Men's jewelry can significantly enhance your personal sense of style—as long as you wear it correctly.


While women can pull off a pair of diamond stud earrings with an oversized chunky necklace and a sleeve of dangling bracelets, men should follow some different rules. The less you have going on in most general settings you presumably encounter every day—like your office, the gym, or being out with your friends—the better. Too much jewelry, especially bedazzled jewelry, can be ostentatious, distracting, and unprofessional. We break down the eight types of jewelry for men and explain how to wear each one, when and where to wear it, and the top styles to look for in order to look your best. An all-encompassing rule for men's jewelry that applies to all of the following categories: Remember to coordinate your metals. That is, a gold watch should coordinate with the color of your ring, shoe embellishments, and belt buckle. This is essential for mastering the put-together look.


The Watch

Most guys will want to invest in two great timepieces: one for everyday use and one for more formal occasions—and possibly a smartwatch in place of or in addition to those. A watch is most likely the most frequently worn piece of jewelry in a man's ensemble, and when worn correctly, it has the power to instantly elevate his outfit. There are numerous watch models and styles available, ranging from casual wristwear to formal attire. Here are some general guidelines to follow: It is customary to wear a watch on the opposite arm from which you write so that it does not interfere with your movements. Also, make sure it fits properly; you don't want it to hang down your arm or appear to be cutting off your circulation.

The Bracelet

Silver Nail Bracelet For Men Online IN Pakistan

This is where men's jewelry differs significantly from women's. Avoid bracelets with charms or pendants, especially those with an oversized, chunky design. This piece of jewelry is meant to complement your outfit rather than overpower it. You can't go wrong with a metal bangle or a tough leather option in a single band or, at most, a double wrap, whether you're wearing a tank or a suit (like the Leather Nail Bracelet option pictured above). These are a simple touch that will add just the right amount of edge to an otherwise simple outfit.

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The Necklace

Keep it simple and classic with this one. A thin and short gold or silver chain isn't too loud and will look effortlessly cool when paired with a simple t-shirt. Though you can tuck them under your shirt, we recommend keeping necklaces to a minimum or wearing them in more understated settings. Try ' stainless steel cable chain

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The Rings

Golden Engagement Ring For Men Online In Pakistan

Except for a wedding band, which should always be worn to symbolize your commitment, there are certain ways to wear rings—and styles to stick to—if you want to seriously pull it off with some swagger. Limit yourself to one single-band ring in sterling silver, gold, or two-tone colorway with a simple design and minimal glitz (like the one pictured above by Dapper Shop) if you're not engaged or married, and definitely don't wear it on your left hand's ring finger if you're not engaged or married. If you're tempted to go bigger, consider a stacked style (three or more rings on one finger or spread across multiple fingers) to wear in a casual setting, and make sure you own the setting.

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The Cufflinks

Cufflinks For Men Online In Pakistan

Cufflinks are used to keep the cuffs of a dress shirt in place and are most commonly seen on French cuff dress shirts. That being said, you should only wear this piece of jewelry for more formal occasions. While it is an expensive event that necessitates formal attire, the links are small and come in a variety of styles that can express your style—even your personality. If you're a weightlifter, for example, these Paul Smith Strongman cufflinks can be a fun addition to your look. If you're a teacher, these Paul Smith Pencil cufflinks will give you something to discuss. These styles are appropriate for any family or friend-related event, but if you're unsure about wearing them to a work-related event, don't. Stick to classic, sophisticated styles such as silver, gold, matte, or metallic links in square or circular shapes with a minor design/detail like this timeless option from Alice Made This—and avoid any diamond-studded embellishments in unusual shapes such as a skull. Also, as a general rule, knots are less dressy, and precious metal cufflinks are more posh while remaining masculine.

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The Lapel Pin

lapel Pins For Men Online IN Pakistan

Lapel pins are commonly associated with politicians, but the majority of them have a variety of different affiliations (ranging from personal to work-related to style-related) and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs that should be worn on the lapel of a jacket. Keep it small and make sure it doesn't clash with any other accessories you're wearing, such as a pocket square. If you're looking for a subtle feather or flower design in brass, gold, or silver (or any color that matches your outfit), try this one from Topman. If you're going to an event that promotes a cause you strongly believe in, like Animal Rights, wear something that represents the cause, like this dog pin from Dapper Shop. Aside from that, avoid them at work or on dates.

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The Tie Clip or Tie Chain

tie pin for men online in Pakistan

A tie bar is a horizontal clip that slides over the top of your tie and anchors underneath your shirt to keep your tie from flying around. Because this piece of jewelry is so small, you can experiment with different ways to wear it. It's always safe to have a classic, sophisticated option like this one from Hugo Boss, but try a fun clip with a quirky personal meaning like an animal or sport like this Golf Club from The Tie Bar; it's fun but can also be worn to work. Just make sure it matches the rest of your outfit.

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