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Top 10 Popular Chain Necklaces For Men Today

MEN NECK CHAINS are very popular nowadays. Chain necklaces are not only fashionable, but also timeless and easy to wear. Depending on how you wear your chain, you can look like a gentleman or gain street cred. A neck chain can be worn alone or with a pendant.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the most popular chain necklaces for men. We've put together a quick guide about all the most popular chain necklace types that any man can pull off to help you find your perfect style.

We made certain that the chain necklaces on our list were both affordable and made out of high, anti-allergic, and long-lasting materials. If you choose one of classic chain necklace designs we've chosen for you, you can be confident that the design is timeless and that the chain will last for years to come.

 Rope Neck Chains Or Twisted Necklace Chain

Rope Neck Chains For Men Online In Pakistan

Year after year, rope chain necklaces are one of the most popular chain necklace styles. The chain is made up of small links that form a twisted, spiral-like pattern, similar to rope. Rope chains are worn by men of all walks of life, from businessmen to rappers. The elegant and beautiful design is stunning on its own, but it also elevates any pendant.


One of the strongest chains is a rope chain. A rope chain is probably the best option if you have a heavy pendant and want a thin chain for it. It is not easily broken, especially if it is partially or entirely made of stainless steel.

Silver Rope Chains For Men Online IN Pakistan

3mm Two Tone Silver and golden rope neck chain for men

Wearing a two-tone chain is an excellent way to add interest to your outfit. Wearing gold and silver jewellery at the same time is normally a fashion faux pas, but if the jewellery is made of different metal tones, wearing one is extremely trendy. Rs 999/- for a 3mm silver gold rope chain necklace.

3mm Black Rope Neck Chain For Men


7mm Silver Curb Link Neck Chian For Men

Curb chain necklaces are another classic style that both men and women adore. A curb chain is the most basic chain design you can use. The chain is made up of identical links that, even when interlocked, lay flat.

 7mm Silver Curb Link Neck Chain For Men

A curb chain thinner than 3mm is a great choice for a subtle everyday chain that you can wear on any occasion. Choose a thicker chain if you want something more flashy. Most curb chains are worn without a pendant.

7mm Curb Link Neck Chains For Men Online In Pakistan

A curb chain is probably the most fundamental chain type. A curb chain is a great accessory for any occasion, regardless of your style. Gold looks great on warm skin tones. Rs 999/-  for a 3 mm gold curb chain necklace. 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm sizes are also available.

3mm black curb link neck chain for men online in pakistan

Although black is not the most traditional chain necklace colour, it is growing in popularity. Black chain necklaces are very masculine and look fantastic with an all-black ensemble. Rs 999/-for a 3mm black curb chain necklace. There are also 5mm and 7mm sizes available.

5mm black curb link neck chain for men online in pakistan



Round Box Chain For Men Online IN Pakistan

Box chains are extremely strong chains composed of square links. The box chain is a more elegant and durable alternative to the ball chain, which is commonly seen on dog tag necklaces. The distinct and long-lasting design sets it apart from the crowd and allows it to withstand daily wear for years. A box chain necklace is a timeless classic that will give you a sophisticated look.

3mm Round Box Neck Chain For Men Online In Pakistan

A gold-toned box chain appears sturdy and durable, making it ideal for supporting a heavy pendant. The thicker the chain, the more pronounced the details. Rs 999/- for a 2mm gold box chain necklace. 3mm, and 5mm sizes are also available.

3mm Round Box Chain For Men Online In Pakistan

A black box chain instantly gives you a trendy vibe. It can be worn with or without a pendant. In any case, wearing one demonstrates that you are on top of your fashion game. Rs 999 for a 2mm black box chain necklace. 3mm and 4mm sizes are also available.

3mm Silver Round Box Neck Chain Online IN Pakistan


Wheat chain necklaces can be worn with or without a pendant. The links form a lovely braided pattern resembling a wheat stalk. In any thickness, the design is very harmonious and symmetrical, pleasing the eye. A pendant looks great on a thin 3mm wide wheat chain. Thicker chains look best worn alone. Wheat chains, while popular, are not the most traditional chains. As a result, if you're looking for a unique chain, a wheat chain is an excellent choice.

wheat neck chains for men online in Pakistan

A wheat chain is visually appealing because it is symmetrical on all sides. Because of the seamlessly blending links, the chain is mesmerizing to look at.

3mm silver wheat neck chain for men online in Pakistan

This silver-toned wheat chain works well with or without a pendant. Rs 999/- for a 3mm Silver Wheat Chain. 5mm, and 7mm sizes are also available.

golden wheat neck chain for men online in Pakistan

The wheat chain pattern, combined with the gold color, evokes a field of wheat stalks bathed in warm sunlight. Rs999/- for a 3mm Gold Wheat Chain Necklace. 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm sizes are also available.



3mm herringbone neck chain for men online in Pakistan

The most delicate chain on this list is the snake also known as herringbone chain. snake chains are the industry standard for thin chains. A snake chain is probably what comes to mind when you think of a typical dainty chain. Some people prefer to wear one without any ornaments, but a snake chain is intended to hold a charm or a pendant. If you want to display an amulet, a snake chain will ensure that it receives all of the attention rather than the chain.

The bold black colour adds character to a delicate snake chain. It's the ideal basic chain to go with a black pendant. Even though a herringbone chain is thin, it is extremely strong and can easily hold a pendant. Rs 1199/- for a  3mm black snake chain necklace. There are also 5mm size available.

3mm golden snake herringbone neck chain for men women

3mm silver snake herringbone neck chain for men women

Silver and gold are classic colours that are equally popular with men. Select your desired length for this silver-toned rolo chain and pair with a pendant of the same colour. Rs 1199/- for a  3mm Gold snake chain necklace. There are also 5mm size available.


If you want a flashy chain that draws attention, go for thick chain necklaces. Unless you want to look like a hip hop artist, the only way to wear a thick chain necklace is as a focal piece of jewellery with no pendants. The more substantial the chain, the more masculine it appears.


If you want to go with a thick chain, choose a flat chain to balance it out. Herringbone, snake, curb, and figaro are all examples of flat chains. While flat designs are the most popular, a rope, franco, or wheat chain can also look great.


A flat herringbone chain, especially in gold, appears luxurious and expensive. It's no surprise that it's a favorite of wealthy men. If you want to appear wealthy, a gold-toned herringbone chain is your best bet. Even though this chain is flat, it is made of strong stainless steel that will not kink under any circumstances. Rs 1499/-  for an 5mm gold herringbone chain necklace. 3mm is also available.

5mm flat snake herringbone neck chain for men 

Also, consider the length of the chain before purchasing any necklace. The same chain in a different length can have a completely different vibe, so it's critical to get the right length.

 dappershop.pk neck chain length chart guide for online shopoing

The most popular lengths for men's necklaces are 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. If you are unsure of the best length, choose one of these. Anything shorter can look like a choker around thick necks, while anything longer creates a relaxed, casual look. The chain length chart below depicts how chains of various lengths fall around a man's neck. Before purchasing, consider what you want to communicate with your necklace and select the appropriate length.

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